Our Story

"What bodybuilding showed us was that lifting was much more than just muscles; it was about building character through the process of failing and getting back up.” 

After hitting a low point in life, we were inspired by powerful stories told by legends like Tom Platz to start lifting with a new purpose. Bodybuilding became a way for me to build on ourselves and understand who we were. Our perspective of going to the gym changed from one of caring what others felt on the outside to introspection with myself from the inside out.
We began to see training as something that built character, confidence, integrity, and a strong work ethic. We learned how to react to getting knocked down and failing. We learned how to believe in ourselves and win. In the pursuit of excellence, we began to understand who we were as individuals.
Quadfather Lifting Club was born from a desire to embody the spirit of Old School Bodybuilding, lifting with purpose and a passion to achieve failure and to win. We're here to build a community that honors bodybuilding's roots and views the sport as a way to build your own story to tell.
As Tom Platz once said: "You’ve got to be a little bit insane to do this. You have to will it to happen. You have to be able to give up your life for it." 
 Thanks for supporting this dream and for being part of a legacy that transcends the gym.
With passion and gratitude
- Caleb


Caleb deadlifting iron at his local gym

Caleb deadlifting heavy weight for reps and flexing after his workout